Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Big Boom

In the 80's movie, Baby Boom Diane Keaton is a high powered business woman who loses her job to find hapiness in motherhood and applesauce. The movie's message is pretty clear, left to her own devices Keaton would have continued on the wrong path had the universe not stepped in to change it.

I had my own 'Baby Boom' moment back in October when my company folded after 12 years. Left to my own devices I would have stayed in a job that while it paid well, did nothing to inspire or excite me. I took the universe's message, my life was a 'do over' and I had a chance to do something I was passionate about, travel. For years I have planned my own annual vacations and helped others plan theirs and now I am going to do it for a career. As of December 2010 I am a Mobile Agent with Expedia Cruise Ship Centers a division of Expedia

This blog will is going to evolve slightly. In additon to my own travel adventures, you'll read about other adventures, more travel tips and tricks, the latest travel destinations and steals and deals too.